One of the areas where we receive more requests is the production of semi-finished products or metal components for chairs and furniture.

In the latest years we started to work in new markets and we have structured to supply components to other industrial sectors.

We are specialized in the metal tube, profile and aluminium tube processing.

We produce, even under an exclusive contract, for the following sectors:

● Indoor and outdoor furniture

● Automotive

● Heating and industrial plant building

● Equipments for the disabled

● Lighting

For a budget estimate or a project feasibility assessment, we encourage you to contact us directly.

Chair base in rod

This graceful lined frame current with the latest trends is a new product realised and industrialised in 2016 for one of our foreign customers.

It’s a chair base with 4 spokes in steel rod.

The remarkable care over the details that has always distinguished Intermobel is exhalted by the neatess of the weldings and the perfection of the finishihgs.

Chair base 4 o 5 spokes

Produced with tube with round section and tapered.

As for all components for chairs in chromed steel, the precision in the execution of the weldings and the attention to the surface treatements are of the utmost importance.

Sled frame in high resistance round tube d.25 mm

A sinuously shaped sled frame in high resistance tube with round section d.25×2 mm bent to variable radius.

Metal chair frame in steel rod

Frame in steel rod diameter 11 mm, elegant, stackable and suitable to be placed in various areas.

Processes of bending and invisible welding, chrome finish.

Sled frame in rectangular tube 30x18 mm

 Chair for the living room with cantilever frame, essential in thesimpleness of its minimal design, it gives the sitting an elastic and dymamic support.

Produced with a rectangular section high resistance steel tube, glossy or matt chrome surface finishing.

The use of such material needs the utmost care in all production processes in particular the bends, the weldings that must be invisible and the surface treatments that have to maintain the look smooth and glossy of the tube.

Sled frame in ovale tube 40x20

 Metal frame produced with a high resistance oval tube 40×20 mm.

Intermobel faces always with decision the market challenges, the difficulties in the bending processes with large sized tubes do not the stop the determination in realising products staying constantly current with the latest trends.

Side frame for bench

 Side frame for bench produced on request for one of our customers, realised in drawn flat steel 50 mm and created by the drawing of our customer.

Abarth Chair designed by Fabio Novembre

 Sled chair in bent and shaped alumium as support of a seat shell in see-throug polycarbonate work of the renowned designer Fabio Novembre.

The peculiarities of this frame are the lightness given by the raw material, a drawn flat and shaped aluminium bar, and the strenght originated by its curves cleverly designed also to award to this chair the concepts of speed and dynamism ispired by this iconic brand.