From the prototype to the finished table. Design and Italian construction quality.

 What follows is a small selection of some of the tables and desktops we manufactured in the latest years.

We work mainly in the projecting, the testing and the assembly of all components to achieve a product perfectly refined and well functioning.


Ribalnest‘s potential is diverse: as mobile tables for meeting rooms in hotels, congress centers, auditoriums or polyfunctional centers.

The frame can be fitted with tabletops from 600mm to 800 mm depth and from 1200 to 1800 mm long.

All the tables in the Ribalnest range are assembled on a metal structure composed by a telescopic bar kit or fix bar kit and two legs in tubular round or oval tube interchangeable.

The interchangeable legs can be easily assembled to the bar kit. The frame is entirely painted and delivered disassembled; it’s composed by 1 kit for the legs and 1 kit for the bar.

The telescopic beam kit system, simple and quick, allows greater flexibility of use:

  • unique kits for various flatware
  • stock availability
  • immediate availability for any need.

The CMP table is essential in shapes; extremely versatile and functional in use. The chassis can be shiny or opaque chromium, with crystal top.

Available in two sizes (120×60 and 70×70 cm).


Contemporary and modern design table is available with wheels to facilitate travel. Available in several sizes.

The structure consists of four extruded aluminum legs adjustable in height to fit the floor to all requirements. Available with wheels to facilitate travel, in different sizes.

The structure is entirely painted, it is delivered dismantled; consists of 1 side kit and 1 beam kit.


 Modular table, ideal for big offices; composed by a metallic structure, wire passing pieces, working surface, central and side divisor panels, easy and fast to install.

 Every module measures 100×80 cm and there is no limit of putting side by side.