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Thanks to our many years of experience, technical know-how, great production capabilities we have realized with some renowned internationally renowned designers who have long been recognized and distributed in every corner of the world.

This is the fruit of a job done with commitment, dedication and care for details.

The constant attention to the needs of people, to identify with designers, to have technical and technological authority, these are the aspects that are always at the cutting edge.

Choosing Intermobel means relying on functionality, security, high quality materials and technology.


An historical chair produced by Intermobel since 1995 and famous worldwide.

The chair with a thousand faces that Intermobel has industrialized since 1995 for the designer Giancarlo Piretti is still in production and delivered to the PRO CORD licensee all around the world.

The various ranges of features include the structure with flexing or fixed backrest and a numerous collection of accessories. Chairs like this have filled many meeting rooms also those in the European Parliament. Sold in exclusive to the PRO-CORD licensee.

9000 CHAIR

Synonymous of prestige and comfort in the office, projected by famed designer Giancarlo Piretti, it’s an elegant styled executive chair.

Its peculiarities are the double action backrest, the main mechanism projected on purpose for the tilt adjustment and the tilting tension, the movement of the seat and the setting of the relevant loinrest, the armrests, available on demand, that are adjustable in height. Sold in exclusive to the PRO-CORD licensee.

18000 CHAIR

The 18000 chair, designed by Giancarlo Piretti, has been manufactured in our facilities since 2002 and flooded the world  markets for its line, lightness, comfort and variety of accessories.

Refined stackable and nesting chair in aluminium which includes a range of seats with tip-up seat, double-flexing backrest, on castors or glides, with and without armrests, with and without writing tablet.

Refined aluminum chair that includes a range of seats with folding seat, double swing backrest, on wheels or slides, with and without armrests, with or without tablet, stackable and accostable. Sold in exclusive to the PRO-CORD licensee.


Designed in 1982 by world famed Charles Pollock and industrialised and manufactured by Intermobel since 2009.

This timeless chair is composed by a steel-wire sled base that supports a seat in a steel-wire fence coated with synthetic resin.

Sold and distributed by CASTELLI 2014.


Its design clear combined with a particular versatility makes it one of the most appreciated items by our customers since 1994

Stackable, connectable and, looking into details supplied with seat in wooden beech or perforated plate, it’s particularly suitable for the public areas where the re laws are generally more exigent or anywhere guest seating is required.

A bench with 2, 3 or 4 seats, ideal for the attending rooms, completes the range.


Designed by Giancarlo Piretti, Xylon® stack chairs give people more than what they expect. The chair features an articulating back and nely detailed wood seat and back.

Xylon stack chairs are ideal for libraries, training rooms, food service areas or anywhere guest seating is required.